ALTAM SYSTEMS is an innovation-driven technology company focused in designing and producing complete HW+SW systems, COTS components and IP-cores for different markets. We accumulate more than 20 years of experience in FPGA, mixed-signal electronics and signal processing.


We provide solutions in the form of modules and  systems, for demanding applications requiring a mix of digital and analog signal processing.

Applications and expertise:

High frequency design (up to K band)

Low noise electronics

Extreme environment electronics (radiation hardened, high-temperature, vacuum, cryogenic devices)

Fast pulse processing


ALTAM SYSTEMS designs and produces robust embedded systems, tailored for demanding applications in presence of extreme conditions (heat, radiation, mechanical vibration), integrating different technologies such as radiofrequency, sensing and advanced processing.


We produce solutions in the form of COTS and IP (firmware and FPGA cores), ready to be integrated in any system. Both in standard form-factor (such as FMC or uTCA) or in a customized form-factor, our solutions serve a broad range of applications in the industry. Our systems can be typically found in medical devices and in large scientific research installations.


Our solutions can be certified under different functional safety standards, covering the needs of the most demanding applications. Check with us if you have special requirements regarding certification, and we will provide support during the certification process.



For large systems and special applications we provide key in hand solutions in the form of complete systems. Our offer includes the required software integrations, and the interfacing with other systems and components.


Our speciality is the integration of mixed signal and digital processing, radiofrequency, power electronics and controls. Typical systems include particle accelerators RF controls, radiation detectors for medical and scientific applications, and complex instrumentation.


Our company provides solutions for a variety of problems such as communications, sensor data processing, motor control and particle beam stabilization in accelerators.


Currently we are mainly present in the automotive and medical markets, providing customized systems to companies well established in their sector. ALTAM SYSTEMS operates as a B2B provider.

Our products and solutions can be currently found in the next sectors:


  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Power conversion
  • Scientific research installations


Contact us for more information.