ALTAM SYSTEMS provides the MTCA components for the DosLINC6+ project, leaded by IFIC (Spain)

The DosLINC6+ project is an R&D collaboration between IFIC (Universidad de Valencia-CSIC) and the companies UVAX and TVP with CIEMAT and CERN as advisors. The objective is to design and build an RF system for the control and diagnostics of a Carbon 6+ ions injector to be used in hadrontherapy, an advanced radiotherapy technique to fight cancer. In contrast with conventional radiotherapy the hadrontherapy employs heavy charged particles (protons and heavy ions) instead of photons, allowing a more precise radiation distribution in the tissue while considerably reducing the healthy tissue absorbed dose.

All of the system components are based on the MicroTCA (MTCA) standard, that gained big popularity among the particle accelerator community in the last years. This standard allows high flexibility and design reusability, while providing features such as hot-swapping and dedicated backplanes for specific timing signals and clock distribution.

ALTAM SYSTEMS develops complete systems based on the MTCA.4 standard, using commercially available modules and in-house designs. From hardware to software, our solutions serve to solve the challenges of the most complex medical systems.

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