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Welcome to ALTAM Systems, an innovation-driven company specializing in the design and manufacturing of precise and compact electronics systems. Our goal is to improve demanding processes, making them simple and efficient.

We are an international company founded and led by former researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) with twenty years of engineering and technology experience. Our team decided to apply their expertise to develop innovative electronics and control systems that allow users to experience operational autonomy and speed up their workflows.


ALTAM Systems designs and manufactures real-time control solutions, as well as systems for signal acquisition and generation, from DC to microwaves.

We provide reliable and cost-effective solutions, for application across various industries, that can be easily integrated into existing or new products. Modular RF systems developed by ALTAM Systems are currently in use by medical equipment manufacturers, scientific research facilities, and industries.

With expertise spanning analogue and digital electronics, radiofrequency and microwave systems, compact integrated electronics, hardware, firmware and software, we stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

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