Application Domains

Systems for navigation and homeland security

Magnetrons, which are high-powered vacuum tubes used to generate microwave signals, are largely employed not only in microwave ovens, but also in particle accelerators and radar systems 

A radar is an electromagnetic system for the detection and location of target objects –such as aircraft, ships, spacecraft, vehicles, people, and components of the natural environment – that can reflect a signal back. It uses electromagnetic radio waves to determine the angle, range, or velocity of such objects. 

Civil and military radar applications span homeland security surveillance, sea navigation, air traffic control, and weather monitoring. These systems are specially designed to operate at extremely high frequencies with minimal noise levels to quickly detect small or complex threats at long range. Additionally, they are optimized for high pulse repetition frequency and rapid startup, allowing for immediate threat tracking. 

RF control for magnetron refers to a process of adjustment of the radio frequency signals in a magnetron to regulate output power. This process entails controlling the phase and power of RF signals to optimize the efficiency and stability of the magnetron. 

ALTAM Systems develops digital RF control systems for automatic tuning of the magnetron and continuous adjustment to maintain optimal performance within the frequency range. Our innovative solutions ensure precise control and reliability in radar applications for both civil and military purposes.