Application Domains

Experimental apparatuses

In large-scale scientific laboratories, researchers push the boundaries of human knowledge and seek groundbreaking solutions to human and societal challenges. In these centres, particularly those dedicated to the study of fundamental physical phenomena, astrophysics, cosmology, and material properties, sophisticated and cutting-edge experimental apparatuses are key.

The efficient operation of these complex setups demands a multitude of controls, automations, data acquisition and monitoring systems. This is where ALTAM Systems’ advanced autonomous control systems come into play. 

ALTAM Systems specializes in providing complex and autonomous control solutions tailored for the unique requirements of advanced scientific research.

Our systems ensure seamless integration into experimental setups, offering precise control, automation, and reliable data acquisition and monitoring capabilities. Harnessing our technology, scientific laboratories can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their experiments, contributing to breakthroughs in science.

[Photo: CERN]