Application Domains

New ecofriendly technnologies and processes

The pressing environmental challenges we face today, such as global warming, require urgent development and implementation of sustainable technologies. At ALTAM Systems, we recognise the imperative need to move towards a decarbonised and more environmentally sustainable society. With our systems, we contribute to this shift to innovative technological solutions. 

Achieving environmental sustainability requires both introducing entirely new eco-friendly solutions and rethinking established processes, particularly in the manufacturing industry, to enhance efficiency, reduce pollution, and promote environmental stewardship. 

In this field, the technology of integrated electronic systems for control, automation, and monitoring plays a pivotal role. ALTAM Systems leverages its team’s expertise in electronics, radiofrequencies, control systems, embedded systems, and integration of software and hardware to facilitate new eco-friendly technologies. Our solutions can simplify, optimize, and expedite various operations. 

Particle accelerators for the environment 

Particle accelerators find application in this sector as well and can become important actors in sustainable technologies and industrial processes. Applications include: 

  • Reducing harmful gaseous emissions (of sulphur and nitrogen oxides) from thermal power plants; similar technologies can be applied to water treatment plants for efficient wastewater cleaning.
  • Pre-treatment of biofuels: scientists have found that pre-treating biofuels with electron beams from a particle accelerator results in a more efficient fuel and reduced amounts of harmful by-products as compared to other methods. 

At ALTAM Systems, we provide specialized control and automation solutions for particle accelerators, specifically designed for environmental applications.