Application Domains

Manufacturing, construction, and pharmaceutical industry

Digital control systems, integrating diverse electronics and communication technologies, form the backbone of key industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, and pharmaceuticals.

The manufacturing processes for large-scale, high-quality, and rapid production of goods demand sophisticated and reliable control systems, along with operational support at every stage of the production and supply chain. 

Leveraging our extensive experience across various technologies —including sensing, data processing, operation automation, and integration of hardware and software— at ALTAM Systems we design optimal solutions for diverse industrial needs.

Our expertise extends to producing robust embedded systems tailored for demanding applications in extreme conditions such as heat, radiation, and mechanical vibration.

Particle accelerators for industry 

In the industrial domain, one particularly challenging application is particle accelerators, requiring specific knowledge of operating conditions and the physics involved in their functioning.  

Particle accelerators are finding increasing use in various industries due to the key advantages they provide. Applications include: 

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) and quality assurance inspections: widely employed in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and civil engineering; 
  • Ion implantation for microelectronics processes; 
  • Food sterilisation;
  • Material imaging and analysis. 

The industrial linear accelerator market has already reached the US$ 3 million mark and is expected to exceed US$ 5,486 million by 2032 [Source: Future Market Insights]. 

At ALTAM Systems, we specialise in developing modular and adaptable control solutions for industrial accelerators, facilitating automatic tuning, operation, feedback, and monitoring. Our easy-to-use systems enhance performance and reliability, meeting the evolving needs of the industrial landscape.