A technology company ready for the challenges of a world in constant change.


ALTAM SYSTEMS is an innovative B2B product service provider offering engineering consultancy.

We provide products and services that help other companies adopting new technologies and improve their competitive positioning within a complex and changing environment which results in both reduced costs and the associated risk.

We have the capacity to provide systems and solutions for scientific research facilities. We have a world class partner network that allows us to provide highly specialized components and systems.

Our company operates at an international level, inside and outside the EU.

ALTAM SYSTEMS provides the most value in their fast response to uncommon problems in which creative and innovative solutions, that fit our client’s needs to complex problems, are required. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in the quality of our work.

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We always welcome spontaneous candidatures. If you are among the next profiles:


  • Electronics / Telecommunications engineer
  • Mechanical / Electromechanical engineer
  • Software / Firmware specialist
  • Computer scientist
  • Applied Physicist  / Mathematician


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