ALTAM SYSTEMS is an innovative technology company specialized in complex systems for RF, control and digital signal processing, in the form of IP, sub-assemblies, COTS and complete systems. Our products and services solve engineering challenges in a wide range of sectors.

We are also integrators, providing turnkey solutions tailored to the requirements of each project.

Telecomunicaciones / IOT

Telecommunications / IoT

As a key sector for our society to advance, the telecommunications field is extremely broad and in constant evolution. We serve as a bridge between the market and our customer’s needs.

We provide support in designing and planning sensing and monitoring communication networks, and architectures of distributed systems including IoT cloud services.


  • Sensing networks
  • Software defined radio systems (SDR)
  • Radio links
  • Architecture of sensor-cloud systems
  • Specialized software

Energía y transporte

Transport and energy

Recent advancements in power electronics, driven mainly by a growing need of energy dense and efficient systems, make them more challenging to be integrated and controlled.

At ALTAM SYSTEMS we collaborate with international partners in order to provide advanced power control and energy storage, with products based on silicon carbide (SiC) and IGBT.


  • Power conversion and storage
  • Battery monitoring and charging systems
  • Energy production and storage monitoring
  • Electrical supply quality measurement
  • Smart grid
  • V2X communications
  • ADAS sensors
  • Powertrain control
  • Embedded systems
  • Specialized software

Aplicaciones médicas

Medical applications

We provide solutions in the form of systems that control and process RF plants, radiation detectors and power systems. We have the capacity to design and deliver complex assemblies, including functions as power, processing, generation and detection.

Our previous experience in the high energy physics field is wide, as well as with particle accelerators for medicine and pharmacology applications.


  • RF and control systems for particle accelerators
  • Signal processing and integration of biosensors
  • Medical image processors
  • Specialized software

Instrumentación científica

Scientific instruments

We specialize in the design of systems with uncommon characteristics which are typically used in scientific research. We have experience in big science facilities and in the field of high energy physics.

We offer a wide range of solutions to support scientific research including RF control systems, resonant cavity controllers, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers as well as complex high-speed digital signal processing systems.

Our range of COTS products can be used to build experimental set-ups, including capacities to detect and generate RF, amplification and processing. Upon request, we can create more sophisticated systems.


  • Signal generation and acquisition systems
  • Low noise amplification
  • Cryogenic electronics
  • Embedded systems for real time control and processing
  • RF structures for LINACs and synchrotrons