At ALTAM Systems, we develop products tailored to the needs and requirements of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners. We provide customised products and system solutions for industrial control, signal acquisition, and radiofrequency generators.

In addition, we offer customisations based on our own products to meet our partners’ specific needs, adapting the device or system to different standards and form factors.

As specialists in electronics, radiofrequency, and mechatronics, the ALTAM Systems team also provides turnkey solutions for OEMs, ranging from custom electronic systems to software/firmware.


We assist our partners in integrating our products into their final system, offering in-field support and specialised consultancy.

Our experts provide assistance in mechatronics, electrical and electronic design, communication interfaces, cabling, ancillary equipment, and electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring proper product use and effective integration.

We can also coordinate with other suppliers to arrange for specialised testing or integrations upon request.


We take care of our products from fabrication to disposal. ALTAM Systems ensures support throughout the entire lifecycle of its products, guaranteeing the availability of spare parts or replacements.

Firmware updates, repairs, and recycling are services offered as part of the product lifecycle. We also provide maintenance contracts with or without field presence.

We help you find the solution you are looking for